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quality is born here

Cutting-edge laboratories allow us to transform the richness of the earth into gold for the table.

We have created two technologically cutting-edge processing laboratories within the company which allow us to enhance the high quality of our olive groves and orchards.

We value our olives

The oil mill

A Tuscan patent that works in just two phases,
to get the best from our olives.

At the top of the hill that characterizes our estate, stands the laboratory dedicated to the processing of olives. Having our own oil mill allows us to immediately process the freshly harvested olives, reducing waiting times and thus avoiding alterations in acidity levels.

The machine we chose for our mill is a Tuscan patent, which processes the olives in just two phases, a notable strength both to avoid stressing the olives during the various processes and to preserve the precious polyphenols and aromas that distinguish our olives.

The extraction takes place directly from decanters, strictly cold. The temperature is constantly controlled and never exceeds 18°C, thus maintaining all the oragnoleptic properties of the olives. Our bottles become guardians of a wealth of flavors and aromas, a high quality oil suitable for accompanying the best dishes.

Natural sweetness

The jam laboratory

Tradition and technology come together to give life
to delicious organic fruit compotes!

Next to the oil mill we have created a real “jam house”, the place where traditional recipes meet with the latest generation technologies. This is how our 100% organic fruit compotes are born.

The laboratory, equipped with professional instrumentation, is characterized by the presence of a machine capable of processing fruit at low temperatures (50/60°C). By taking advantage of vacuum cooking technology, our compotes maintain the taste and aromas of freshly picked fruit unaltered, also preserving its natural sweetness. This allows us to add a minimum quantity of sugar, necessary only for the correct preservation of the product.

In addition to traditional flavours, among which blackberry compote stands out, where 500g of freshly picked blackberries give life to a delicious preserved compote in a 300g jar, we also offer refined combinations to enhance the flavors of our fruit. Among these, our blackberry and peach compote: the naturally sour note of the blackberry is softened by the sweetness of our organic peaches, thus satisfying the palate of even the most greedy, especially children.

A homemade supply chain

Packaging and graphics

A room equipped to bottle and jar our products,
with an eye always attentive to design and packaging.

We have a room entirely dedicated to the bottling of our oil and the jarring of our compotes, including the application of labels. Completing the production process directly within our company allows us to take care of everything down to the smallest details, carrying out targeted quality control on the various phases of production.

We also take care of the graphic part relating to the creation of labels, with the possibility of printing them internally, both for bottles and jars. This allows us to create customized labels for our customers and to give a touch of originality to the packaging of our products.

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